Introduction to Massage on a Barge Dublin

We are delighted to announce our newest business Massage on a Barge, providing Thai massage in Dublin City.

Located in Dublin’s Docklands we are moored right beside the Waterways Ireland Visitor centre at Pearse St./Grand Canal Bridge. We are within walking distance of the Google office building. Price Waterhouse Cooper and the Convention Centre are also just a stroll away across the Samuel Beckett bridge.

We have a successful Authentic Traditional Thai Therapy Centre, located in Sandyford, South Dublin. Due to our knowledge and experience of delivering top quality service with highly skilled Thai Therapists, we decided to introduce this new business for our clients in Dublin City.

Our experienced therapists offer a range of treatments including Thai Massage, Full Body Hot Oil Massage, Sports Massage, AromaTouch Technique and Foot Massage, in the soothing atmosphere of a floating Barge.

Our Barge consists of 4 custom built treatment rooms, fully fitted wash facilities, with a traditional Thai feeling to the décor, on the water at Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2.

Thai Massage from Massage on a Barge Dublin Welcome to Massage on a Barge

About Thai Massage

Thai massage is a system of deep massage and stretching, the body will feel energized and rejuvenated after the massage, relieving both physical and emotional stress and increasing flexibility.

Thai massage is more rigorous and therefore more energizing than most other types of massage.

The sources of conventional Thai Massage started more than 2,500 years alongside the presentation of Buddhism. It is one of four branches of conventional medication in Thailand, the others being herbs, nourishment, and profound practice. The authentic maker of Thai medicine is Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, was from the north of India and said to be a nearby partner of the Buddha and boss to the first group assembled around the Buddha. The development of medication into Thailand went with a movement of monks from India to Thailand, conceivably around the second century B.C.E. Thai medicine stated inside the Buddhist cloisters and sanctuaries, where Thai individuals have customarily looked for alleviation from a wide range of affliction.

While the written history of Thai massage was lost amid the Burmese assault on the imperial capital of Ayutthaya in 1767, the surviving records are presently engraved in stone and can be found at the Sala Moh Nuat (rub structure) inside the sanctuary of Phra Chetuphon in Bangkok, the sanctuary of the leaning back Buddha. Its profound perspective stays as educators of the treatment start classes with a progression of supplications and recitations committed to the father of Thai Massage and the Goddess of Healing, and instructs of the convention as the centuries progressed.

Thai Massage resembles a cross between pressure point massage, yoga, and Zen shiatsu and is motivated by Buddhist teachings. The real Thai massage comprises of a strategy that utilizations moderate, cadenced compressions and extends along the body’s vitality lines, additionally called Sen in Thai. More than 70,000 Sen are said to exist inside the body, and Thai Massage focuses on applying weight along 10 of the most essential Sen utilizing the palms of the hands, thumbs, elbows, and feet. The exertion from the expert attempts to free pressure inside the body. Experts likewise position the body into yoga-like postures and tenderly shake the body to all the more profoundly open joints and encourage limbering.

Thai massage practices are based on Ayurveda poses, the client may be positioned in a variety of poses during the course of the massage:

  • from the front with the customer lying recumbent
  • from the side with the customer on the other hand lying on either side
  • from the back with the customer lying inclined
  • in a sitting position

There are two styles of practice, Northern (Chiang-Mai) and Southern (Bangkok). The previous is viewed as gentler. The last is quicker and some of the time more extreme yet is far reaching in Thailand, while the Northern style has gotten to be well known in Europe.

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While some of the pressure techniques used in Thai massage may seem too penetrating to many, most can adjust to it quickly. For those who are frail or stiff, please inform the practitioner and they will be able to adjust all of the soft tissue and manipulation work to their level of comfort.