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Lovin Dublin ‘The Most Relaxing Thing You Can Do In Dublin’

Lovin Dublin talks about Massage on a Barge. They say ‘This Might Be The Most Relaxing Thing You Can Do In Dublin Right Now’

One of Ireland’s TOP online destinations for things to do in the city hits the nail on the head with ‘This Might Be The Most Relaxing Thing You Can Do In Dublin Right’. Lovin Dublin featured us on their hit website twice over the last two weeks and we are feeling pretty good. Massage on a Barge is getting attention, and we are very excited.




We cant argue with the comments below by Lovin Dublin.

‘Marvelled at the sheer inventiveness of creating something like this in between the shiny Silicon Docks.’

‘The boat has been totally kitted out with three beautifully decorated’

‘As soon as you step inside, you leave your problems on the dock.’

‘The physical experience of stepping out onto water helps you escape the real world that little bit more, which is what massages are all about.’


‘The practitioners on the boat are top class.’


If you want to read the full article by Lovin Dublin follow the link here


Why not experience the sense of escapism in Dublin like they discuss in the piece. Our massage treatments will send you to a place of sheer relaxation and bliss. You can enjoy a cleansing tea on the deck of Peggy Joy the barge, explore the marina and its many boats, choose from a huge listing of massage treatments.